Leviathan Performances

Union for Open Vocalism, Earplay (2019), performance in Scandinavian Center, Aarhus. Photo: Malte Riis. Hannah Heilmann, Every Piece (2019), performance at Lille Torv in Aarhus. Piscine, Leviathan. Photo: Malte Riis. Ingela Ihrman, Evelina Hartwig and Lise Haurum, The frog and the sun go down into the sea (2017), performance in Kunsthal Aarhus. Photo: Malte Riis.


Ditte Gantriis Circle of Life Kunsthal Aarhus Piscine Leviathan Maximilian Schmoetzer, Not Love Alone (2019), installation view, Kunsthal Aarhus. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal. Jørgen Michaelsen, Dosis (2019), installation view at Aarhus Police Station. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal. Piscine (Jens Settergren, Mark Tholander & Anna Ørberg), OS (2019), still/screenshot Kunsthal Aarhus Sofia Duchovny, Fountain (voll im Leben) (2019), installation view in the Sculpture Garden, Kunsthal Aarhus. Photo: Mikkel Kaldal.


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